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After living in Thailand for over 9 years I’ve seen a lot of Muay Thai gyms and instructors and it’s great to see the UK has trainers like Ian Davies. Ian matches the skill and conditioning that is usually only associated with native Thai fighters. With Ian’s knowledge and experience, I think the techniques he teaches have more thought behind them than most. Also, his emphasis on high conditioning will prepare anyone for fights, local and international.


When i first walked through the door of SO8 Falmouth Muay Thai Gym and met Ian I’ve had a little experience with thai boxing. After a couple of sessions I just fell in love with the way that Ian trained us ‘Tremendous’ I never met anyone who makes such a perfect sense in his teaching before. I’ve had a few instructors in the past of what they called a street fighting also karate and few months of thai boxing. No disrespect to any of those guys but none of them were able to teach me what Ian has. With Ian it wasn’t just about physical training which was tremendous but also about mental side of his teaching which I found the best I ever had.

On the last training session before my first fight Ian was explaining to me things like how will I feel just before the fight and it was so weird because it was exactly like he said. From the day i started to train with Ian I knew that guy knows exactly what he is doing and I never doubted his skills and natural ability to work and train his students the best possible way and if I wanted to fight and win the fight I had to listen to every word he said. Also all the guys at the gym where like family to me and still are (Chrissy, Ryan, Alan, Mat, Jo, etc). Without any of those guys I would never win any of my fights.Still love u all guys and still missing you and the training dearly. So that would be a short version of my feelings about SO8 Falmouth.

To anyone who reads this. I highly recommend Ian and all at SO8 Falmouth to you! You won’t find better instructor, better place to train, better people around you than in SO8 Falmouth – Ian brought out the best of me and pushed me to the limit to make me fit and made a good fighter of me. It was a great honour for me to fight for Ian and his club.


I have always been a larger build but before joining SO8 Muay Thai I was made redundant from my job and in the 2 months that followed this I put on a stone making me 15 stone – the heaviest I have ever been. My close friends and my fiancé noticed this and started making comments. This initiated the push I needed to finally do something about my weight. I initially stared going to a regular gym, running on the treadmill and lifting weights but after a couple of weeks of doing so I found it rather monogamous. I didn’t really know what I was doing, there was no one to push me and no one to keep me motivated. After watching a Muay Thai event on TV I thought that it looked interesting and started searching the net for local Muay Thai Gyms this was when I found SO8 which for me stood out above the rest with their no bullying no inflated ego policy. During a conversation with Ian Davies the Head Coach on the phone I told him what I wanted from my training and he guaranteed that if I put in the effort he could help me achieve this and give me the push I needed. After my first session I knew immediately that it was for me, the gym was full of friendly faces all whom have made me feel welcome and have helped to keep me motivated. SO8 is more than just s gym it’s a small family.  I have been training at SO8 for 5 months now and I’ve lost 2stone 7lbs. I feel great and have now competed in my first interclub event. My goal is to eventually compete in the ring and I know I will achieve this with the guys and girls at SO8. To everyone at Falmouth SO8 I thank you for inspiring me an giving me the drive and believe that I can accomplish anything.

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