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Ennia Bosshard

My name is Ennia, I am 29 years old and a PhD researcher. I first started Muay Thai when I lived in Thailand a few years ago. Although I never thought Muay Thai would be a sport for me (I was more the yoga and dancing kind of girl), I fell in love with it very quickly. Now, I think Muay Thai is one of the best sports you could ever learn. It’s a great full body workout and builds not just strength and power, but also balance, flexibility and control. And beyond all the physical benefits, it has become really important to me for releasing stress and has given me confidence in various areas of my life. I don’t have any ambitions to fight, but I absolutely love the process of learning and growing for its own sake. I am keen to improving my fitness alongside the technical skills that enhance my body awareness and confidence.


I am so grateful to have found the SO8 gym in Falmouth when I moved to Cornwall a few years ago. The amazing group of instructors run S08 like a family. From my own experience, I know that Muay Thai can seem intimidating in the beginning, especially as a woman, but Rose, Al and Ian have created a wonderful atmosphere here at SO8 that always made me feel very welcome while also pushing me to my limits. Huge thank you to the first class people who run this gym!

Anita Grasso

I am Anita Grasso, 27 years old and I am an Erasmus overseas student from Italy
I started muay thai when I was younger in Italy and I wanted to start again as a student in Falmouth.
I feel that I found firstly the best muay thai gym in Cornwall with 3 different instructors giving you a different prospective( specially for woman training) and a second family that made me feel close to home since I am living abroad.
I feel that i have found, A passion back again in my life, a great fitness routine and discipline
My goal would be to start fighting as soon as possible.

Sam Elsby Hartman

My name is Sam Elsby Hartman, I'm an 18-year-old fighter and coach out at So8 Gym Falmouth.
why you started
I started Thai boxing because I wanted to learn how to defend myself and lose some weight but I quickly fell in love with the sport and culture of Muay Thai thanks to S08.
Honestly, I struggled to start with. I didn't feel that I was naturally athletic but with time, consistency and some incredible coaching I started to see results.
At S08 I feel like not only have I gained the skills of a fighter but I've also gained a second family. Although people might just think we beat each other up all the time, I feel more at home in the gym than anywhere else. There is a strong sense of comradery that I think is unique to so8 as a gym. I also feel like I have personally achieved a lot since I started training at S08. I have won four professional fights in Thailand, three of which were against Thais and fought in three different Thai stadiums. So far all of my wins have been from finishes and I have only ever lost by decision. I also lost 22kg between when I started and my last fight and I have to say I couldn't have done any of this without so8.
When it comes to my short-term goals, I want to reach 10 fights and get a belt in a Thai stadium before I return home from Thailand. My mid-term goal is to have a professional A-class fight in England before I turn 20 and my long-term goal is to make a full-time job out of Muay Thai whether that comes from coaching, fighting or both.

I also want to say a massive thank you to Ian, Al and Rose, miss you guys like hell! Thank you for everything you have taught me and for being the best coaches/family I could ever ask for!!! 🙏💙

Katie Sharp

I'm Katie and I'm age 45

I started as my son wanted to try Muay Thai and I fancied trying it to (even though I had never heard of it!). Initially I just wanted to get fit but it quickly evolved into something much more. It has given me a new confidence in all areas of my life and I have made so many friends at the club. You really feel like part of a family. The support is incredible whatever your goal!
I absolutely love it and would say I'm completely addicted to the sport now and train every week. The trainers are all so positive and welcoming, to all abilities!
In just over a year I've achieved more than I thought was possible! I competed in my first interclub and went on an amazing trip to Thailand to train at Sinbi Muay Thai Gym. What an amazing experience that was!
I'm looking forward to another year of improving my skills and fitness.

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