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Hi, Thanks for visiting our site, we are Cornwall’s longest established Muay Thai gym based behind Falmouth Sports Club, Western Terrace Falmouth, TR11 4QJ.

The main and core style of the club is Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), the ancient fighting system of Thailand. Students of Muay Thai learn how to use their hands, elbows, legs (kneeing and kicking) as well as using clinch and throw/sweep techniques.  Often Muay Thai is referred to as the ‘science of eight’ (two hands, two elbows, two knees two feet/legs) hence our club name SO8!!


Muay Thai can be superb for fitness, flexibility, confidence building and self-protection as well as giving students opportunity to compete in the ring at either semi contact or full contact level.

In addition to Muay Thai the club also offers realistic Self-protection (self-defence) courses.  Please check out the self-protection page of our site for more information.

Whether you want you get into the best shape of your life, build confidence, start a new hobby without fighting or train to fight either interclub or full Thai rules and become a champion we can help you achieve your goal! Rest assured you will be given a warm welcome at SO8. Male/female age fourteen and over with any level of fitness or no fitness are always welcome.  The club operates a ‘No Bullying or Inflated Ego’s’ policy and intimidation of any kind is not tolerated.

Thanks for checking us out and hopefully see you soon. Ian.

Ian Davies

Chief Instructor


Ian is the founder of SO8 (formerly Falmouth Thai)

He first started training in Muay Thai in 1986.

His first fight was in 1987 but a move to Cornwall in 1991 meant that the fight side of things was short-lived as there were no clubs in Cornwall to train at.


So in 1992 under the blessing of Master Sken he set up Sitnarong Falmouth and that is where it all started.

Ian has been lucky to train under the legendary Master Sken & Master Bob, Master Pimu, Kru Sandy Holt as well as many other amazing teachers in Thailand.  


In addition to running SO8, Ian has also worked full time for the last 20 years as a specialist trainer in Management of aggression and violence.

This includes teaching Conflict resolution, Personal safety/Self protection and Physical interventions/restraint.

Al Beattie



Al has 20 years of Martial Arts Experience, 12 under Ian Davies. Starting in Freestyle Martial Arts and Tae-kwondo Al has competed in Thai Boxing and now trains and teaches at SO8.

Andrew Bennetts



Bennetts has 8 years Muay Thai experience and also trained in Brazilian ju jit su, He has competed  over the last 7 years and continues to learn and compete whilst also teaching at SO8.

Rose Beattie


Rose is an active fighter for SO8, currently with 9 Muay Thai and K1 fights under her belt. She has trained in Muay Thai for 10 years both at SO8 and in Thailand

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